Thursday, July 16, 2015

an inconvenient truth

Daddy and I went to the surgeon's office today to see what's up under that wound vac and it's not good. Evidently there's some infected mesh up in there that is deep in the groin tissue.  Always the healthcare provider, I noticed the pus right off when the doc removed the software. Therefore...this must be dealt with before the new one can be even thought about being repaired.  And he's 83 tomorrow, by the way.  He called me way early and told me he was sitting in the wheelchair out front waiting but he gave it up before I got there for lunch parental medical transport.  It was cooler today...probably didn't hit 98, so there's that little blessing.  

My friends have sold their store in Nauvoo and are headed to Key Largo soon which is almost as cool as Fiji or Belize.  I noticed the demo site when I drove to rescue BG from the non-existent Bogota store after the Camry died.  You cannot make this shit up.   I ordered us each a happy and they arrived today via the USPS god love 'em.  The dogs were inside so didn't get their mailman treats.  I feel bad for them, don't you?

My skin is breaking down and I'm not exactly sure why.  MRSA perhaps?  Or maybe toenail fungus. Whatever the case, I'm sick of it and Hempz plus tea tree and coconut oils are helping out.  I was a front line provider when HIV was discovered and later with HepC.  There was a mad rush to CYA with lookback testing that was FDA mandated once the tests were approved.  All of these things are public health epidemics that should scare the shit out of people who think they can't possibly be affected.  The same can be said for the blood supply.  

Moving toward plan P ^j^

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