Friday, July 24, 2015

modern medicine

Five hours after my father went to surgery, we're still waiting to hear what's up.  That's a long time for an old guy to be under so he'll be having mechanical ventilation for awhile.  I knew when I walked in this morning that things were bad  and I was right.  He kept whispering to me and I couldn't figure it out without putting my ear next to his voice.  Since I was scheduled for a class  today I showed up and made an effort but quickly took an exit when I found him incoherent with doc at bedside.  Risks were explained and outcomes discussed.  There was no choice other than to die from a massive infection.  I took the ring, watch and cellphone again and dropped them in my purse.  My brother was there off and on as well as cousin Mo who is named after Mama.  She's a hotel design artist and foodie who always makes me laugh.  We talked about putting Mom on some swimmies and plopping her into an inner tube over at Doris's old house on Summer. I've yet to get wet in that pool.  Speaking of cousins, Freddie and Marilyn just stopped by for a rolling hug.

There's a small plane in the air nearby, possibly spraying crops or some other toxic thing.  It's hotter than shit and humidity is about 100%+.  Pure July in TN if you know what I mean.  We are consistently in the mid to high 90s these days and as we all know, Poopie hates to sweat.  As gawd is my witness, I'll never be hot again!  BG got her hair did today and it's much prettier than mine so I must have a weave if the $ holds out. If not, I'll just go gray.

Whatever happens here, I know that I've done right by my parents.  And that?  Is one of the Big Ten.  

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