Saturday, July 4, 2015

let freedom ring

No BBQ for this old girl, though I've eaten pounds of it freshly cooked over a lifetime of hanging with grill teams like the groupie that I can be.  There's this really secret sauce recipe written in 'Noler's hand that came from one of the masters of local pork, Eddie Gregory.  Our friend Charlie said that it should remain an eternal secret but his wife said I can put in in the book if I give her one.  Sounds like a win-win.  I know there's a lot of apple cider vinegar involved and that's what makes it ummm...from a spray bottle.  Once upon a time Mr. Ed Morrow in Missouri made these ginormous metal cookers just for that type of thing.  Lots of people had them, and used their talents to raise money for benefits, including the former ACS event at Moody Wadley.  Matter of fact, that's where I met Mrs. Precious, aka sister Lisa.

So, nobody got drunk and had wrecks that came to the sawmil yet but it's early and there's a lot of stupid people out there.  I stopped by the drug store and got new readers at a twofer price and noticed somebody across the street in the church parking lot blowing bottle rockets out the back of a van.  Where's the law when you need 'em?   Out giving tired ass middle aged women tickets for forgetting a seatbelt in the middle of town.  Kiss my ass officer.   I feel an Alice's Restaurant moment coming on.

Here's the thing about enlightenment.  Once you see and feel in your heart what is right and good with your own soul, decisions can be made for a happy life.  Identification of road blocks and assets is always a good starting point.  Usually there's a whole lot more of the stop signs.  The ability to make a dream happen is something that only a critical thinker can do.  I haven't always been one, but I grew into it.

I failed to mention that BAD has a sister who is older a smartass like me and bought Aunt Granny's frame shop along with her hubs.  Their brother takes the Grands home after church and brings magic brownies for all.  It's just a regular family reunion with that bunch.  Mayor Mozella'n'them gathered earlier for some partying but it's raining now so I hope you didn't give your kids caffeine.  It's gonna' be a long night if you did.

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