Tuesday, July 14, 2015

becoming a verb

Once upon a time there was this highly useful search tool called Google and it became the savior of everybody from game show contestants to preachers.  Somewhere all the circuits are humming with all the answers to life's questions EXCEPT how come Chrome wants to mess with me when i use Firefox which I adore.  I just read that Mozilla will be blocking Adobe's flash player which is, as IT nerds would say, "not good."   I could care less actually.  My new technology will be much more user friendly and focused on my tasks which is not a whole lot of gaming or web surfing.   I'm so predictable it's pathetic.  With age comes an unwillingness to compromise on important issues.  Learning to pick your battles is something that takes way too long.

One of our co-workers is my hippie soulmate and we talked about politics today, particularly the rebel flag. She gets a very narrow view from the politically active member of her family and my middle of the road philosophy intrigues her.  My honest opinion is not that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism but a part of the history of the South.  That being said, it could have been lowered a few days out of respect for a tragedy caused by a true southern redneck followed by several copy cats.  I mean gah.. She shared with me the great economic success in the state of Alaska where she and her Army husband were stationed.  And (i can see russia from my house) Sarah Palin got the credit for it.  What's good for Alaska ain't necessarily what's good for the country but she's kind of entertaining.

I don't want an entertainer in a leadership role while this country struggles to be reborn.  Racism and persecution have always been the American way even from the time that our founding fathers decided raiding an entire continent was a good idea.   Ask the native Americans about that one.  Their casinos and alcoholism rates are astounding because they continue to be paid out of guilt.  I'm sorry to say it, but that is what happens with a lot of others from non-whitefolk backgrounds.  And women.  Especially women.  I am looking to Bernie and his crew to shake things up and if Hillary or one of the clown car wins, I'll be digging up my money from the back yard and heading to Fiji.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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