Sunday, July 19, 2015

middle of the road

One of the cool things about living where I do is that once you get past the dangerous crossover on the highway, it's acceptable to drive down the middle until you get to Pecan Lane and take a left where you may ALSO drive all over the road.  I just came back from a ginormous garbage haul and observed South Dyersburg with sadness rather than the usual rush rush of my daily commute.  The former grocery store that I visited every day is now a parking lot for farm equipment.  The two gas stations close by and the dolla' gentral are what we have in this food desert.  That is unless you count the squash I have growing.  Those two floods ravaged the place and it will forevermore be a memory to many folks.  The crackhead motel next door was demolished and sits empty waiting for a business opportunity.  The owner said she's going to plant dogwoods.

12 hours sleep helps an old girl out a lot, and so does Benadryl.  An old friend came to visit yesterday bearing gifts and we enjoyed catching up on every little thing.  I was in bed by six if that tells you anything about the level or weariness I feel.  It's like a hamster wheel of sorts, going around and around in circles trying to "get there" and there doesn't exist.  I see everybody doing it trying to juggle work and family responsibility.  Yet, nobody is getting ahead except for the rich ones who are already there.  Yeah, that means you Kochs and Trump.  I'll throw Soros in there too so the conservatives will have something to nibble on.

My work peeps just called to settle a disagreement about blood and it was an easy one.   TinaBelle won hands down!  It reminded me that we all need to talk more about processes and whatnot.  Most of the time we're just too busy trying to keep the boat floating.  I got a call this morning from the home saying that Daddy fell during the night and has a little skin tear on his head.  Unfortunately that's part of eldercare and they have to be reported, by law.  Mom and I are going to visit after while with more clothes.  He could care less what he's wearing as long as the TV works.

As Old Horsetail Snake would say "and so it goes."

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