Saturday, July 18, 2015

in the dark

My house is so old that many of the light fixtures don't work and the windows are covered with sweat so it's sort of hard to see up in here except for the kitchen.  The ceiling fans have maybe one bulb each where the others have blown up and I just haven't turned the main breaker to dig them out.  It is, as we say in the South, sultry.  I'm awake by daylight so I've gotten some laundry and bills done plus a little organization of papers.  I seriously need some Adderol to help with that!

Exactly four weeks after Pnoler's death a big red wrecker pulled into our yard with his red Dodge on board. I still had in my mind the days when a truck carried the vehicle up in the air on a chain.  The price was reasonable on the tow and I just added it to what I paid on the Camry repair.  They will also be the ones who install door handles and tail light when purchased from the scrap yard up the road.  Yo Patterson Brothers...y'all rock.

We're still in purgatory on surgery and other arrangements until one of the docs returns from Europe and the other has time to do the procedure.  The maintenance guy fixed Daddy's TV and he's happy with channel 3. Mama is about to worry herself to death over him having underwear and whatnot but it gives her something to plan so that's always good.  I've stepped back and let her do it as long as she can.  I refuse to be the devil any longer.

Babyman spent the night with us and went to see the Minions yesterday during matinee hours.  He knows all his body parts now and talks a LOT.  I've not laid eyes on him in a couple of weeks and it's amazing how quickly they change.

As I got in the car to go to Walmart ( where i said i'd never go again ) shopping for the grands I realized I didn't have the card and BG had lost it only it was in her jeans pocket, thank you sweet baby jeebus.  By then, I was out of the mood.  I hate to shop.....literally.  If I can do it online, so it shall be.  If I could buy food that way, I'd do that too.

It's too hot for much of anything but housework.  Fortunately, there's plenty of that around here.  Peace out.

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