Tuesday, July 28, 2015

halls of justice

Little did I know that I had walked smack into the aftermath of a double murder trial when I went to pay my ticket.  I passed the judge on my way in and found several law enforcement officers hanging around.  There was chatter of a verdict as my friend passed by but I didn't have a clue what had just happened in that courtroom.  I remembered being a prospective juror this time last year and shuddered to think about this one.  The accused received two consecutive life sentences for the grisly murder of his family members. According to him there were Mexican drug runners involved which is most likely true.  That being said, when you keep company with that sort of folk you end up in the hooskow at 25 because they all have connections and will let homeboy take the fall.  Prison is probably the safest place at this point.  Lake county has their share of drama, I must say but then all rural habitats do.  The counties situated along the Mighty Mississippi are all based on farming and transport clear to the gulf.

I'm loving all the conservative backing away from Trump because it's funny to watch them squirm.  I agree with him on two things only: student loans and Sandra's treatment on a Texas roadside.  I mean dude...you know the camera is on...WTF???  Thus the current talking point about THC being a dangerous drug that causes violent behavior.  This woman was being harassed by an officer of the law way past the point of being legal.  Light me up with a taser?  Somebody watched Mad Max too many times.

Planned Parenthood is an organization that has contributed many things to women's reproductive health.  My personal opinion and that of my mentor is that federal funding should be removed so that there are no rules and regs on how services are rendered.  A single payer would give women the right to choose what they do about their own bodies without interference from government and religion.  It could be done easily with grant funding and private donations and with a reasonable premium.  Preventive care is major.  Hep C is a public health crisis among baby boomers.  Pap smears and mammos should be free.  It saves a whole helluva lot of money down the line, if you know what I mean.

We have new favorites thanks to no cable including OITNB and Shameless.  I even liked Sons of Anarchy which totally surprised me.  It wasn't scorching hot this morning so I did a little gardening after checking in on a sleeping Mama.  She was alarmed that the paper was in and the door unlocked!   She was sawing logs when I left.  Daddy is holding his own in ICU with lots of good care thanks to my co-workers.  He won't ask for pain meds so they're going by his heart rate to figure that piece out.  Lungs are in progress being suctioned and improving.  Getting sick and getting well are hard work.

I found another squash this morning that's frying size so that's what's for dinner.  Peace and grace to all y'all and your momma'n'them.


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