Wednesday, July 22, 2015 good to your daughters

John Mayer is one of my ultimate musical heroes and that song just resonates with me about the perfect idea of parenting.  So many times it's not that way through no fault of their own.  We are born into an imperfect world from parents who are probably totally confused about everything and everybody and who do the best they can for the kids.  All kids need diapering and feeding and guidance until they are of adult age when they may or may not grow into useful and inquisitive adults.  Or they give the eff up and live off the government and support conservative redneck candidates who are racists and bigots and liars carrying the Holy Bible as their torch.  That type of ignorance is bred and usually ends up hurting a lot of people.  See: Charleston. Chattanooga. Ferguson, on and on and amen.  Just STOP IT!

I have an evangelical friend who believes that using fetal tissue for research is like the worst sin ever because babies are being murdered.  An organization that has dealt responsibly with planned parenting for many years is being attacked in the name of anti-abortion activism.  I say to you who feel this way....have your church raise these unplanned children in other ways than vacation bible school.  Personally, I am not in favor of abortion when there is a decent chance for that child to grow and learn and break the cycle.  In today's society, that is often not the case.  Women's reproductive rights are being governed decades after Roe v Wade became law.   That's probably a factor in the national debt that's "obama's fault."  

James Taylor is one artist with whom I've spent many many hours of listening pleasure and a friend pointed out to me how if he had given in to his addictions years ago he wouldn't still be creating music that is timeless. That same friend sent me a personally made copy of Copperline that I still play on occasion.   His name is Mark and he is a fine musician who always leaves room for the drummer.  

I was blessed with the opportunity to spend surgery day with my father while at work.  Removing his ring and watch this morning I dropped them in my pocket along with his phone which charged all day on TinaBelle's device.  By the time he was recovered I replaced that 60 year old wedding band and put the watch on upside down.  Patrick rolled him back to the room where his TV works and MBP took over.  I left knowing he's in good hands.  Mom has worried all day so she's relieved that it's over and arranging things over at the home for him remotely.  Not many paid days left y'all.  We may have to move onto Plan C.  Friday is class which means I get hit with balls because I'm always late coming back from breaks. Since I'm ADD  the chaos of multiple teams working in a confined space kind of works on my head but it's nice to be out of the box.  There is a chick on video constantly recording all that team building and whatnot.  It better work.

My Wednesday is your Thursday.  See you at the sawmill ^j^  

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