Sunday, July 12, 2015

the not so trusty camry

God love it, my car died with BG on the way back from work in Ridgely last night.  I had already had a round with Mama (  I am the devil ) and gone to bed when I got the call. I go in boxers and a t-shirt in a 95 Cadi to retrieve her from the old Bogota store.  With no air, which is why she was in the Camry.  We were both so hot and tired and disgusted we just stopped for cherry limeade and headed home to bed with the dogs.  Mom has lashed out at me several times saying that I talk down to her and make her feel "stupid."  It is sometimes hard to control my frustration with the way she micromanages everything while blind and homebound but I never get angry.  I suppose she senses that I'm talking to her as if she is a child which is totally how she acts sometime.  That's when I just shut down and walk away from the drama.   Drama is not my friend.

I spent yesterday piddling and and playing and even dropped by Gigi's pool to cool off.  She's in transit to a new home and having the time of her life decorating.  She buys 'em quite often and if you're lucky enough to buy or rent from her, you can be sure the decor will rock.  I heard from the pool crowd that she's planning a pool at the new place too!  I've had many a fun day with she and her fam and friends in that water.  Many times ? There is alcohol involved unless children are present.  Mostly it's just about sittin' in the sun and gossip with plenty of olive oil spray and plastic floats.

There is still a truck parked in Jackson to deal with and no death certificate after three weeks. The entire process has been shifted toward the PCP which takes a lot longer if you know what I mean.   Our local coroner told me the other day that the ME in the county of death can sign if nobody else has after a certain period.  Whatever.  There are other fish to fry around here.

Looks like I'll be renting a car unless the Patterson brothers can get me going tomorrow.  With two jobs starting at two different times, it's a must for each of us to have a vehicle.  Plus there's the grands to   haul  tend to and groceries to buy.  We actually have money to get food and no time to get it done so we eat out a lot.  I picked the first squash off of my gorgeous plants yesterday and they're about to take over the small straw bale plot. out back.  There are two stalks of corn leaning sideways and lots of bean pole climbing.

There have been no animal sightings lately except for dogs on my bed and a cat wanting attention.  I'll have to google that and see what happens.  Y'all keep the faith ^j^

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