Friday, July 17, 2015

birthday boy

Billy G or "uncle Billy" as he is universally known, made it to the age of 84 today to enjoy a visit with his bride and grandgirl bearing cupcakes.  I scurried on home from the sawmill since I spent quality time yesterday in the doc's office with him and even saw his butt.  We still don't have a surgery date but that will come in its' own time just like all things. I'm so bad about trying to make a plan and execute without thinking things through. This past month has taught me that  shit happens when you least expect, often in successive blows.  Then, there goes your plan A so you better have a B and C.

In case y'all think Amy Schumer is something new let me remind you that I was LMFAO at this chick years ago.  We are big fans of comedy and the women just really rock.  To this day I'm still FB friends with Julie Scoggins whom I met in Jackson at their club on somebody's birthday.  She's a "thing" now all hooked up with John Boy and Billy.  Rock on people.

Yesterday's shooting was tragic and again underscores the importance of gun control.  I don't give a rat's ass if it was a terrorist act.  If dude didn't have the automatic weapon, those people would be alive.  I can believe that he wasn't on the radar as a terrorist because neither were a lot of others who've been raising hell. The anger is palpable and the hopelessness overwhelming for many.  Mental illness and guns don't mix especially when drugs and alcohol are involved.

Goldman Sachs is getting blamed for a whole lot of financial meltdown that includes that of our own economy and Greece's.  To everyone involved I say Big Ernie will smooth put you in the goats pile when the roll is called up yonder'  Our boss sent out an email today asking us to do one kind thing and mine came on the way home at the chicken store.  Ethel was telling about how somebody was rude to her and what's her name was all looking mortified and they missed a couple of items ringing me up which I promptly pointed out before they ran the check.

Speaking of checks I wrote a very big one to Patterson Brothers (again) and the Dodge truck should be here soon.  We still have to get a locksmith but at least didn't have to drive over there in the heat and deal with that chit.  I am still amazed that the Camry didn't decide to blow up on my way to my legal business last week.  I'm supposing that BAD and her sister prayed for me to make it there.

Happy weekend kids.  Over and out from the lane ^j^

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  1. John Boy has a son with Ds who is the same age as my son. We "hang out" in the same social circles that revolve around our children.