Monday, July 13, 2015

hind sight

My friend TinaBelle gave me a ride home and as we passed the service station I waved at the Camry all up in the air getting a new freakin' radiator.  Oh yes, kids.  That fourteen year old radiator sprung a leak and that was the cause of a huge mess under the hood.  There's a towing fee first of all, then oil change and tuneup plus radiator.  Yowza, that's a big lick!  I see now why the credit counselors advise a thousand buck emergency fund.

I ran into cousin Bubba ( not to be confused with brother Bubba ) today and he just happened to have a very valuable piece of information concerning some history I'm working on.  I do so love it when that happens.  We caught up on the fam and I had not even heard about his lodge over in Lake county or we would have covered that too.  His sister Debbie and I worked together for years running the halls of Parkview hospital.  She and her husband later went to work for the one doctor who made me cry like a baby, Dr. Joe.  I'm not sure where he practiced before he hit podunk but he was used to a whole helluva' lot more than a lab tech on call with a water bath and spectrophotometer to report creatinines.   The history of the place is mind boggling, a true case study of the shift in healthcare practices over the years.  Forty of them, in my case.

In the end, the vision of  Methodist Healthcare did not include the 7 facilities in West Tennessee including Parkview that they paid 10M over market value for, just to spite Baptist Memorial.  I feel sure there was some money changing hands under the table somewhere because the entire community supported Baptist and the county elected officials only saw dollar signs as presented by a slick front man in the county courthouse.  "Some people call me Maurice..."

It is what it is and what it was.  This time around, it will be different.

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