Thursday, July 23, 2015

hair day

I haven't had a haircut in a long time.  My friend Chucky did the deed this morning and we talked about everything under the sun while Cream played in the background.  For 45 minutes, the master worked and waved his hands and I now have a hairstyle that allows me to smile.  Nothing is as depressing as having ugly hair up in a clip all summer.  A few highlights by Jennifer will be my next move.  I passed Mama on her way to get hers did at Angel's because we MUST get the big hair at least once a week, almost always on Thursday.  It's raining off and on and she has to go see Daddy so we'll see how all that goes.  She may require a WalMart sack for protection of said hairdo.    

Daddy remains in the hospital because of umm..several reasons and it's the best place at the moment for him. The surgeon is  hard to catch as usual but the nurse is trying to pin him down to look at the whole big hernia festival he's got going on.  It's a lot to have going on for an 84 year old guy, no matter how tough he is. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes and please keep 'em coming.  

Today is devoted to me, whatever strikes my fancy to do or think or listen to.  The rain overnight soaked the mini-garden out back where squash is doing well and there is finally one tiny green tomato.  The barn lot pigweed got cut and I about has an asthma attack this morning right after the heavy rain.  I hear others say the same thing, and we are grateful for the rain that makes the humidity that makes us sweat like hogs.  

And Amen ^j^

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