Friday, July 3, 2015

alrighty then

I spent two hours talking to my brother ( and his kids) on three way this morning as we caught up with our lives concerning everything from Daddy's health status to conspiracy theories issues that we all deal with due to "big business."   Tommy got blamed for something that Adam did which is quite comical.  I could hear  Peyton's sweet voice talking about whatever little girls talk about in magicland with their playmates.  We discussed the five year plan and what that can be.  I'm here to tell you guys, I'm on board with change like never before.

Mom and I went to see Daddy this morning and he was having a treatment so we just watched and chatted while Mom signed papers.  It was 5PM when he got there yesterday and I had all his stuff laid out like a good daughter.  We moved around furniture and wheelchairs and managed to get it all done.  His roomie needed a treatment too so we scooted on out toward the house only to be PULLED OVER in the hospital zone because my seat belt wasn't on.  Fortunately ( I'm not making this shit up ) my registration was paid yesterday and I had all the paperwork.  The state troopers kept me fuming there with my elderly mother while they ran my record to find that I'm just a girl with a crappy old car trying to take care of her parents and the world.  Otherwise, I'd be looking at more legal business.  It's only ten bucks for the ticket with an admonition to get that taillight fixed because it's not "bright" enough without the red.  Soon as the money evens out, that will be a given along with door handles and hubcaps.  And an oil change and exhaust repair.
The older and cuter one kinda' stood back and let the young guy do his drill.  I'm down with that, you know?

I have never been so happy to see anybody in my life as I was to see Dr. A walk up in the parking lot where I was picking up Mom from our visit.  We chatted and I'm sure he noticed how really fragile we all are in this life together. I'm thinking that's the true meaning of advocacy...taking on a client and following through.  The same can be said for BAD  and everybody else who has stepped up and taken my hand during the past weeks.  I can't tell you when the drama started or where it will end.  All I can promise you is that I will always keep the faith ^j^

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