Monday, July 27, 2015

smokin' hot

Now granted, the past few summers have been rather mild as in nothing over a hundred.  I remember the year that BG graduated from college when we had six straight weeks in the 90s and my AC bill was 350 plus for three months straight.  Ah...the good old days.  We went to the beach that year in May and had a blast.  Wonder when we can manage to get back?  I'm thinking spring.  

Today involved off-site work with a selected population so I stayed in touch with Daddy's nurse by phone in between visits.  He's weak and resting up for the fight ahead.  I heard that all of his docs were on board and consulting this morning so there's that.  Lauren has gone now to take Mom for a little visit in the one vehicle that we have with air.  And the front right tire is almost flat.  *sigh*

The home called and said that they might need Daddy's spot  for "somebody" so I schlepped on over there to get his stuff which included lots of Hershey bars and birthday cards.  This journey began a month ago with a late night EMS call and it's been a Chinese fire drill ever since.  Sorry if that offends any of my Asian friends but it is what it is.  My next to last stop was to pay the ten dolla' fine for not wearing my seat belt while transporting my mama back from a pre-July 4th visit to the home.  Court was this morning and, of course, I missed it.  I will be late for my own funeral.  

The big red truck is still sitting out there in the heat locked up tight as a drum.  When time and temperature allow, we'll deal with that and other things.  Right now, it's just best to hunker down in the cool air and keep faith ^j^

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