Friday, July 31, 2015

hurry up and wait

BG can testify that I'm  pretty impatient at times but will hang with the best of them when there's a chance of something good happening.  I got two frantic phone calls yesterday afternoon after leaving the hospital reporting very bad O2 sat numbers on Daddy.  The junk in his lungs is moving around and getting suctioned on a regular basis while he struggles to live.  For some odd reason I woke up at 4:30 this morning and called to check in with the nurse.  She reported a "good" night.  It is touch and go and they seem to be slammed today so who knows now.  They have my  number.

Mom is finally getting the carpet clean which has been something she's worried over for months, but then she worries over every little thing and would run the world if she could see.  Considering all the recent medical care there have been lots of EOBs in the mailbox next to the State Gazette.  That cute hot mailman in a van delivers to them too.  Must be running late today...probably Obama's fault.  This guy actually throws dog treats.  Gotta love the USPS.

BG and Mom are headed  for the hospital while I piddle in the yard since it's less than a hundred 100 degrees with a breeze. Our healthcare culture puts a lot of stress on physicians in the form of malpractice which many have found drives them to work for corporate.  It's not unusual to find entire systems of Wall Street commodities buying up clinics and whatnot.  They are "feeders" for the network of acute care facilities that bill Medicare and private insurance for billions yearly.  And their shareholders get a return on their investment.  It pays my rent and gives me opportunities to learn new things so I can't bitch much. There is a certain someone planning a trip to the 'burg whose neck I can't WAIT to hug.  Sugardaddy perhaps?


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