Thursday, July 30, 2015

dead elvis

I was a recent graduate of an allied health program when the King died back in '77.  I remember driving the interstate hearing about all the hoorah coming up what with him being autopsied at Baptist by a team that included Dr. Flo among others.  I never was a fan so I didn't really understand what was so big about an aging rock star killing himself slowly.  Yeah, fools fall in love but, no to the impersonators in Vegas or your local corner bar.  There's a guy named Shelby around here somewhere who does that for kicks.

Daddy rallied today when we all came to visit and coughed up a bunch more shit probably so he can continue to enjoy UT football.  Don't tell the collectors but there's a piece of the old field at Neyland framed upstairs along with a lot of other orange things.  He is a rabid sports fan and continues to watch golf when cable allows in ICU.  I got more hugs today than I've had in a year and I seriously needed them.  That's what's up with Big Ernie and the universe.

I've spent a lot of time bitching and moaning about how hard it is to work at the sawmill and as we all know, that's how you vent and move on.  I don't care how many freakin' conservatives tell you that healthcare isn't a right, I believe that it is just without the profit motive.  It's a doable thing if only folks will begin to step up and explore their own life choices. I was raised a Christian and still believe but am firmly against any sort of mixing and mingling of church and state.  As for ISIS and all them, it has always been thus and so.  Just ask my Daddy.



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