Thursday, July 2, 2015

are we there yet?

As I type, Daddy is probably being loaded into an ambulance for transport to the SNF where he will be treated following the previously documented hospital visit.  All of this started about 11:30 Sunday night and will hopefully be over in time for supper.  I left him a stash of mini-Hershey bars on the bedside table and some clean jammies on the bed.  He was clutching his cell phone with his ass hanging out of a hospital gown when we last talked.  Mama said he had landed in his room with a very nice young man that I met today who is learning to walk following an ATV accident.  Mysterious ways, and all that.  I have met my new best friends once again and they all know my # by heart because I direct dial.  Shayla and Rhonda know me pretty good plus all the nurses.  We are frequent fliers lately on 2N.

There were multiple delays including, but not limited to the fact that for profit healthcare is all about juggling the contracts that big insurance uses to get richer.  Hoss would say that scientists would say "not good."   Healthcare is a basic human right that Jesus loves and approves the message of.  To split hairs over reproductive rights and reduce funding for public health is a disgrace that can only be attributed to ignorance. POTUS hit Nashvegas yesterday to try and convince the gop idgits that turning down federal dollars for home improvement is just plain stupid.  I don't care what you call it...just get 'er done.

I'm tired but blessed ^j^


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