Monday, April 6, 2015

the readership

Now that FB has cut me off ceased to share my blog posts the number of views is down by about half. I guess that's when you find out who really wants to read it because they actually have to make the effort to go LOOK for it. The numbers still come, just more slowly and that's not a bad thing. I'm trying out a new one called ello that looks pretty fun and was sent to me by invite from that bitch Shannon in Oklahoma territory. She and BG introduced me to the joys of Grumpy Cat. I moved the puppies up out of the rain yesterday and they've slept the day away right there next to the porch. They're close enough to the hole that they can tumble in if it gets real bad. I can tell already they will be ahem "hearty" eaters. Each one of those little faces will find someone to love it if I die trying because it was my fault for not getting Ryder fixed up. Just bless her heart with those Dane ears and all.

I did a different job today which as scientists and Hoss would say was "not bad" and I'm grateful for that on a Monday. I got to see folks that I would have missed back in my corner and there is a chair involved a lot of the time. I woke up this morning in the lightning and thunder feeling like there was a lead bucket on my head but worked through it and soldiered on. I'm not sure what's up but I'm kind of weak and want to sleep all the time. Probably just an old people thing, ya' think?

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