Friday, April 3, 2015

a good friday

My mental picture of the crucifixion is one set on a hill in mid-afternoon darkness much like today. Thunder rumbling and whatnot. At that point it didn't matter who were the thieves and who weren't, it was a mob on a mission. Which brings me to the jihad. Stop that shit right damn now! As Christians and Jews and all other flavors of believers we have never tried to convert you (well except for church mission trips) and we're sorry about the injustice to your worship in our country from those who are on just as much of a hate filled mission as ISIS and AlShaWhatever. None of you will win because you take the name of our great God and use exclusion and hatred as tools to further your mission. Rant over.

I tried to take a picture of the cross draped in black but traffic was heavy and there was a plastic sign in the way. I had my sharp shooter in the car to scoop up some grape hyacinths from in front of the Courtland square demo site. I figured if they tried to bust me I'd call in some favors. It's about twenty degrees cooler already since the last rain came through. And the flowers are sitting in it perched on a cardboard box from the sawmill on the back steps. There is no food in the house except for boiled eggs and hot dog buns sans meat. And you know what? I don't really care.

So our POTUS managed to pull off a big win with Iran and the haters are already marching like Republican soldiers through the halls of Congress (Corker) trying to tell him what to do. News flash folks: It's over. That era where hate and exclusion reigned and black men hung from trees put there by white rednecks. I am young enough to remember this and understand how it's taken years of giving free shit and whatnot to make up for all that injustice. IN the process we produced a generation of dependents on government service for many reasons which I won't ponder on now and they are by no means all black. That is a grand GOP bullet point if you know what I mean. There are just as many white people who can't afford to live in today's economy. HT to Robert Reich and all y'all. You nailed it.

Hillary is looking good into the gate. I'm hoping for Bernie as a running mate because he's everybody crotchety old grandpa but gives 'em hell. EW is where she is and doesn't seem interested which is fine with me. Give 'em hell too, girl. I had to snicker when I noticed an e-letter from Lamar the other day from where I bitched about something or another. The GOP has nobody credible which makes things interesting. If y'all can't do better than Rand Paul, you might just want to invest in solar panels.

Hemp is the new tobacco, so deal with it. It is a very useful product in manufacturing as both a medicinal herb and rope, not necessarily in that order. I still grieve the season finale of Weeds. Anyways, I reckon we'll be dressing up the puppies and carrying them up to the chicken store real soon. They'll probably get lost in the wheat but if I know Ryder she'll do a head count. Let's just say we're all sleeping better.


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