Tuesday, April 14, 2015

on being the bug

You know, like sometimes you're the windshield? Today I am definitely feeling like the bug that smacked the glass. There's a lot on my mind and plate and I'm not able to call the strength to me right now to participate fully in life. While I have faith that it's all for a purpose and everything's "gonna' be alright" there is no inspiration to be great at the moment. Just fatigue and stress and a deep desire to disconnect for a bit. Plus a stomach bug..ack.

Still no word on the skin biopsy but I've about decided it could be Blastomycosis from my extensive Google knowledge of fungal infections. That could also be a chronic energy sucker. Since I sleep with dogs and they are often carriers, it makes sense. I'm off today and not going anywhere but to and from my room which is slowly getting cleaned. We popped in to see Mom recently and she was digging through the stuff on the top of her dresser and found Daddy's class ring from UTM. There is some guy out here in a semi doing dirt work with the ever present backhoe, I presume. Life on the lane, as I know it.

We have still only found one puppy home and they're getting fat as ticks except for the runt. We found him out by the barn crying as if he just realized his Mama isn't coming back. After returning to his litter mates, he continued to wail until they got him calmed down and napping under the steps. I can certainly relate to how he feels, can't you?

My friend got more bad news yesterday and all I can think is heaven help us. The random way that life just slams people is beyond my comprehension. Having empathy means putting yourself in someone else's place and trying to feel where they are and sometimes it's a curse. I reckon that's why we have to stop and smell the roses because you just never know.

Keep the faith ^j^

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