Wednesday, April 1, 2015

the april fool

Um, that would be me. When I got home yesterday I parked up front by the fire pile thinking I might burn some shit and left the keys in it which I rarely do. The windows were up so it didn't get drenched by the thunderstorm that rained out ballgames and smacked the porch swing into my bedroom wall for a bit. After that the dogs came in and out a hundred times and finally I got some sleep. I could HEAR the puppies squealing when I got out of the car this afternoon, all the way from the barn. This is gonna' be a real challenge. Soon as Sugardaddy shows up both females are getting fixed. In some ways it warms my heart to think of Faith's spirit being passed on but I recognize that it's hard on Ryder and would be on Sophie too. I call Sophie wiggledy butt because she gets so excited that's exactly what she does. Lily killed a mouse this morning and proceeded to devour it at my feet while I was on the throne. Ack.

I got up a few minutes late today but managed to get ready and headed out to ye olde Camry up front and opened the door expecting ding.ding.ding. Nope. I had left it on half the day and all night and it was dead as a doornail. No neighbors. BG at work with car and cables. No boyfriend or Daddy or any woman who knows how to do that sort of thing. I called the service station downtown and got an "after hours" boost off the guy's truck. It took him about an hour to get here so I picked flowers for work and played Trivia. It was a lot more fun that being pissed off plus I got to see the sunrise. I'm usually inside the cubicle or asleep at that time.

Listen people, please and thank you. We have two years to figure out this big fat mess of Congress before the campaigns start in earnest and the shit flies even further than it does now, if that's possible. Know your candidate and what they stand for. Just because you are a party member doesn't mean there aren't others out there who might not be the enemy. Elizabeth Warren is a shining example of someone with the political voice to take on big money and she does so with passion. Following the bailout we are right back where we were before and it's been seven years. That goes in cycles, I've heard. Tennessee politicians again trashed InsureTennessee which was governor Haslam's answer to Medicaid expansion. Even with a Republican as their boss, they voted it down which pretty much leaves a whole boatload of people still without healthcare. This, my friends, is not acceptable behavior for those who claim to follow Christ.

I've been single for so long I can't remember what it's like to spend time with a man except for the ones I work with or family members and friend. I've reached a place in my life where I treasure my alone time and will share it with someone who makes the effort to get to know the real me. Otherwise, I'll just hang with the dogs and listen to Sam Smith.

Tomorrow is hair day so I know y'all can't wait to hear about it. More later ^j^

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