Sunday, April 19, 2015

never a dull moment

I was resting late yesterday afternoon when Mama called asking for help because Daddy had fallen. Again. BG and I couldn't get him up so we called EMS and they did a field assessment to determine if it was stroke. We all tried to get him to go to the ER and he refused. Which is is right, BTW. I learned that the hard way when old Mr. Paul Barch fell out in the pecan grove and drove AROUND the emergency vehicles to escape. The paramedics knew that look and just stood back and watched him take off. An old guy like that can get violent in a hurry. I think often about the beauty of how our little home health team works what with BG being in social work and me at the sawmill. When Lori showed up for church this morning, the house was dark and she had forgotten her key so I met her there and was pretty worried to see the light still burning on the flag and the newspaper still in the box. He met us at the door, still groggy from sleep and declining on church which is the first time EVER I think.

I hauled garbage and did other errands while BG was picking up Boogs for a day visit. Chester's grandma called to say that they want a puppy so there's that to look forward to. I love it when they get to go home with nice people. There are still 8 but a good faith promise of a full rescue by next weekend. Though I did consider hitting the dolla' store parking lot with them, I'm glad it's worked out this way. That their mother bore them in a barn and kept them safe there for three weeks is a miracle in itself. The circle of life. It's as if she knew her last day was coming because just one week prior to the accident she hauled 'em all up next to the porch. To say it's a nasty mess is putting it lightly.

It's monsoon season which adds to the humidity fest that is Tennessee. That's just one more reason to clean house and go to bed early which is what I need. Y'all all need a puppy and I know you're reading this now so Holllla!

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