Saturday, April 4, 2015

easter people

We all know the ones who only show up at Christmas and Easter for church with the fam. I'm not one of those because when I went I was there ALL the time as part of the choir. Mama tells a story about one holy Sunday in the historic old building when my great granny Ethel Inez took her parakeets in for a sunrise service. Yep...I go way back with the UMC....even got a historical reminder of my heritage. I can name most every pastor from 1960 on including the current one. He visited Mom at the hospital this last time and also are the nursing home. That church is big on caring for the flock of faithful elders that brought it to what it is today. I'll never forget my Daddy fighting the powers that be for us to have a dance *gasp* in the fellowship hall.

I slept in today and woke up hearing puppies which was not possible because they're in the barn. Uh, well most of them were. Ryder had brought three in during the night and made a nice little warm bed on my dirty comforter. They crawled around a bit and I took them back out with the other SEVEN for which I have to find homes too. If I weren't a faithful sort I'd be freaking out about now. Asparagus is up now and about to be full force. We ate the first "mess" a couple of days ago and it is an awesome feeling to know the food I'm eating was planted 15 years ago. BG just pulled out for a shift at the gentral so it's just me and the dogs looking at a mess that won't go away by itself so there's my day. Hope yours is full of peace and love ^j^

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