Friday, April 24, 2015

at your service

My cousin Mo is a traveling salesgirl of sorts as a designer for a company that furnishes high end hotels. It is the dream job of the artist in her which has always included presentation of meals and homes in a favorable way. She just so happens to be on location in Califreakin' fornia and this morning Granny got sent to the ER for back pain. I haven't seen her since Mom left the home and she actually looked better in ways. I stroked her head and soothed her while my friends took care of business. Her nurse was a new face to me but then I don't get out much. She was sweet as pie and very efficient. The monitor techs called and kept me posted and we stayed on the same page an entire country apart because that's what sistercousins do.

So wouldn't it suck to finally make it to the Statue of Liberty and have to evacuate that thing??? That would so be my luck. My theory on that is some pissed off Duck Dynasty people and not ISIS or the middle school kids. I'm such a deep thinker that it often occurs to me that irony and satire are something that can only be truly appreciated by intelligent people. If you just "don't get it" move along and try not to be offended. I was raised on the political satire that is SNL and that says volumes about where I stand which is laughing my ass off at their larger than life portrayals. I don't guess y'all knew that Lorne was once my celebrity boyfriend. That was prior to Cusack, of course.

I'm counting down to my vacation of 9 days with no plans except a Lake county sleepover. I owe her one after that heart attack week in sub freezing temps. Lord.Have.Mercy. We're tossing around a brand which could be quite hot. More on that later, though. My mother has commanded that we gather for a family meal at Casa Grands and it will be early and al fresco. Ms. Faye (blessherheart) is off on a religious ladies retreat with her church buds and they've been just kind of hanging in the breeze down there since last weekend's fall-a-thon.

My last babies will be leaving tomorrow and I have to admit that I'm trying not to cuddle so it won't hurt. I may end up caving at the last minute because it sure is sweet watching them grow. Sam is so annoyed with all of it that he's about to snap and go postal. Y'all know how I am about MrSnake and I saw my first baby one of the season the other day all slithering and being sneaky. I try to look at him now as an omen of change what with the skin shedding and all. That's what ethereal friend says anyway.

You can't make this shit up@

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