Sunday, April 12, 2015

glass houses

I don't know about y'all but I've just about had it with all these people who feel free to punch a person in the face with personal insults. There are constructive ways to get your point across and usually they involve walking the walk instead of talking to the hand. People notice much more what you DO than what you say. Leadership is a cultivated skill and one for which many don't have adequate mentoring. Sucks to be you if you're on the bottom rung of the ladder with one of these. Before everybody jumps to conclusions, let me state that I've felt this in ALL areas of my life and it's a pretty soul sucking experience. That I don't have a strong obedience to authority has saved me some grief in that area.

As predicted Hillary announced and Rand Paul firmly jumped out there with nasty comments about how "they" meaning the Clintons, think they are above the law. I hope dude doesn't have any skeletons in his closet because they'll come tumbling out in the next year....hide and watch. Whitewater, Monica and Benghazi not necessarily in that order, are the biggest talking points I see because other than that, she's been nothing but a steady leader for liberals who weren't ready for her yet. There was a bit of fine tuning to be done, if you will. Now that Warren is definitely where she's gonna' stay and Bernie could die any minute, it is what it is. And this, as my friend Lorna predicted, is when they start devouring each other, those ultra conservative tea party second amendment nut jobs. Oh, and PTL!

My friend gave me a tablet and I've kind of been too busy and too ignorant to do much with it until today. Another buddy showed me how to wipe out the old and establish me as the operator. Of course there's no wifi on the lane but that will come, if no other way than a mobile hotspot on the badass red phone with a cracked screen. I do so love me some creative connectivity.

It's already 80 which is normal for us this time of year during the peak of tornado season. We moved into this old house during April of 1988 when BG was a four year old and there was still a pink dogwood out front. I remember sitting in the dark living room watching the first thunderstorm blow through in awe at the unobstructed view of nature. I have been blessed with 26 years in this location, not counting the other 20 that I spent before I went out into the world. Those are some pretty solid roots by today's standards.

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