Monday, April 13, 2015

church and state

I found myself talking politics with a Republican again today and amazingly we found common ground with the LGBT issue and said everybody should be worrying about important stuff like Ebola or something. He's an Iraq veteran with a unique look at the healthcare system from both the private and public sectors. I'll never forget cute little JR looking at me so sad because I couldn't support what's his name that looks like Eddie Munster. Oh you know, Paul Ryan. A brilliant economist according to him. That entire election gave birth to a wave of extreme right wingnuts with church ties jumping into the law of the land with their religious beliefs and 2nd amendment anger. Not all children are meant to be born, as proven by the number of miscarriages that happen. To deprive an entire population of women access to reasonable birth control so that they don't bring unwanted children up in poverty is wrong. The US Constitution clearly calls for a not at all mingled scenario when it comes to the influence of religion on the political process. Do you think that's happening now? Ahem. I don't care what party you belong to on what rung of the big power trip...get off your pampered asses and serve the people who elected you or MOVE ON. We're liable to go all zombified on you and show up with pitchforks and torches especially with this big pissing contest in Iran. C.H.I.L.L

As if we don't have enough dogs, BG brought Giz home last night to snuggle with. She was off but I hit it at dark thirty and will thankfully hopefully get to sleep tomorrow morning. Benadryl and a BP pill should do the trick. My bed has been on the floor for years now because it was falling apart so I just said eff it and slapped them down. The dogs love it because they don't have to jump high and I get to drop down into my little corner of heaven where the moon and stars are visible and the thunder and lightning as well. To say that I can sleep through anything would be a lie. Unless I'm really tired or medicated my mind is always racing toward how to fix the next crisis that hasn't even happened yet. Thus, Benadryl.

Still no word on the skin biopsy and it's itching like a mofo but I'm thankful for topical steroids. The stitches will have to come out this week as well. Considering the health issues of others, I feel blessed to feel the itch. It's nothing that epsom salts and coconut oil won't fix, you know?

Power to the people ^j^

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