Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Right now I wouldn't give you a dime for a pain pill but would gladly clean your entire house for some steroids because GEEEEZ this is some heavy pollenage. And yes, that's a word. Add to that the fact that our sawmill air is OUT for the 5th day in a row and it's just a plain old allergy fest. I had almost made it through the day when mama called and said the old man took another tumble and would I come and look. When I got there it was the usual bloody mess of bandaids hastily applied with no cleaning of body fluids and I said to hell with gloves and grabbed some gauze. I doubt he's got anything I've not already been exposed to except for a case of being ornery. We marched right up to the butter churn and picked two canes to try and he opted for the taller one. Meanwhile mama's over there worrying about being available for a doctor's appointment but not on hair day. I asked if they had moved his clothes and she said he's just leaving 'em down there as he sheds. Whatever works without the steps. I am the DPA for this little rodeo and it's not my first.

We had a puppy photo shoot this afternoon because it's bye bye time for the other six soon. Hopefully some nice Weakley county folks will come pick up Chester Jr. and the Memphis rescue lady will help with the others. My old friend Elaine came to scope them out yesterday and they were solid sacked out under the steps where you can't get to them. She left empty handed but I sent her a pic from when they scooted out from under there. The lady and her brother who had come earlier had the same problem, but I managed to snag one before they left. Everything's gonna' be alright.

Soooo..since I went grocery shopping we have fresh pork loin with caramelized onions plus asparagus and whatever else is laying around. To hell with the processed shit if there's a choice and there almost always is unless you don't know any better. I will never eat another ramen noodle as long as I live "she says in her best Scarlett voice." And tomorrow is another day.

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