Wednesday, April 8, 2015

do good things

My brand of spirituality is not real restrictive and includes an array of simple living type principles like love one another and talk it out if you can't. Just please don't fight or put your own drama on someone else. Social media has become a hotbed for people with all kinds of domination issues and a boatload of anger to go along with, especially in the political and religious arenas. This? Wears me the hell out. I mean if you want to be all mad and stuff do it on your own time and don't pitch it on me just because I'm handy. BG and I would never have made it this far had we not come to understand that separate is good and time out is even better. We were missing three puppies at the 1PM head count but I imagine they're under a bush somewhere napping.

My friend and almost-a-doctor did a biopsy on some strange looking stuff on my chest which reappeared after six months. I am paying now for all those years of sunburn and tanning. My logic on the beds was it "kept me from burning" which is true I guess. My very first to die for burn was in Destin on a church trip where I spent the entire week on an air mattress under a tree. Not.Fun. Hat tip to Bill Acred and B Revell and all the other chaperones. We were about 13 maybe? By the time I got back there it was 40 years later and solid condos.

So today's top story is that a cop shot an unarmed traffic violator who owed child support. Notice I did not mention the race of either because it is NOT RELEVANT. This kind of vicious profiling is tearing our country apart at the seams and the MSM is guilty as charged. Those who don't take the time to reason out the details from several different sources and get spoon fed are likely to believe Rush or Jesse every time. Get over it, sheeple. I heard RP got into it with Samantha which I'm sure was just great for ratings and whatnot. According to what I read he pretty much tried to rephrase her questions to suit his answers. Ironically, I had a deja vu sort of political discussion with our pathologist du jour who vowed that he would make me a Republican. My reply to him was that others have tried dude. We shall see. There was discussion about all the many fractured idiots that are pulling the GOP apart and the way church and state are constitutionally protected from mingling which is a huge travesty. RoevWade is old as the hills and SCOTUS has bigger fish to fry.

still no neighbors yet but it looks like May will be the month. It'll be nice to have somebody to keep an eye on things like puppies and all my valuables *snicker* while we're at work. Lord knows some crackhead might steal my ten year old Dell.

Peace and love~

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