Friday, April 17, 2015


It is a curse that the very beauty of spring flowers is what makes me sick as a dog every year. And fall too, BTW. Shots fell out of the budget years ago when co-pays went to forty bucks a pop. I must say that it worked very well while I was in treatment. I had this really AWFUL surgery on my sinus cavity as an adult where he put windows in and I do mean carved them. That was following multiple pain filled office visits for infections. Now babies get 'em popped in like an earplug. And tubes! I will never forget my pediatrician asking us to just take the smoke outside and not harm the little kid. We didn't listen.

WE had the perpetual conversation about morals and shame at the sawmill today and I'm just outnumbered by people who want to set limits and have rules because if anything, I'm a gray person. You do your thing and I'll do mine and as long as we don't hurt each other on purpose, it's good in Big Ernie's eyes. So much hatred and judgement is sprayed out on those who aren't cookie cutter white bread gawd bless 'mercka. News flash has always been thus and so. It's just that now the rules and regs that are almost completely church based are no longer valid. Because the church is not a building but the world. To expect the least of these to find their way when there are expensive cars and fancy clothes and Pharisee based type carrying on is to deny a loving God. Anyways, you all know where I stand on separation of church and state and I'm terribly excited to see Ms. Hillary take on Marco the minority. It should be interesting and Bernie is still a clear and present danger to our non socialist society. The NRA guy is counting how many guns Obama is blamed for or something equally as ridiculous while this whole culture of gun rights people become a menace to peaceful society.

There is a beautiful stand of wisteria right across from the sawmill next to an abandoned building and my fool self pulled off the road to break a branch for the dining room table. It looks swell with dogwood and even falls on the table for added value. I'm expecting a puppy person soon so I'll keep you posted on how that works. Hopefully he'll take the special which is two.

Faith kids~

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