Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everybody who has contributed to feeding and otherwise coddling our team of lab professionals during our special week. For 38 years or more we've been serving citizens of the 'burg and everybody has seen some a boatload of big fish eating the little fish kind of thing. It has only been since the 1940s that blood was even given type specific following the discovery of the ABO and RH systems. This grew from the necessity to treat casualties of war in a more pro-active fashion. Truth be told, blood is as safe now as it has ever been as far as disease transmission and transfusion related issues. Same thing for other "tissue implants". It amazes me that I have lived to almost 60 and not seen a viable substitute for human blood cells when re-quipping the body. Being a conspiracy theorist I suspect the Koch brothers own the brand on that along with a cure for cancer. My friend has chosen radiation which is wise because they're her tribe. Then again, so many others are as well. I heard a rumor about Hawaii and I hope it's true! It's cloudy again and has been mostly for the month of April. Lots of rain which is good because July's a coming and that big blob in the Pacific is trying to decide what kind of havoc to wreak. I'd blame that one on Palin, straight up.

I've been used to being "invisible" on FB because I'm not real bright, and was amazed that some right wingers jumped on my question about the Duggar family so quickly. My point is this : If you use your family or your lifestyle to make a living for said family and money to pass around freely, you are selling your soul to the devil even if you do teach Bible verses to all 83 of them. It's the motive people, not the act itself. This applies to all people who live extravagant lifestyles as a result of our adoration of the entertainment industry. It's not rocket science...just, as Jon Lovitz put it "ACTING!" Freedom of the press is something that is about to be history unless money is taken out of media and the political arena. And here's the kicker y'all..Big E knows your heart.

So today's puppy momma was NOT a no-show and is en route as we speak.The nice rescue lady from Memphis is coming Saturday for the rest of the wolfpack. They are enjoying cool days together as siblings, rolling in the fresh monkey grass and feeling the connection. Looking back over the time since their birth, I see that I've let go of a lot more than just Ryder and Faith. Much to my dismay I opened yesterday's mail in the car and found that my shoulder surgeon's group has turned me over to collections out of who knows where. There was a pending WC claim which turned out to be denied but nobody informed me of that so uh. Here we go again! Oh..and get this. My employer's sawmill owned gyno clinic charged me ten bucks over the usual co-pay for a wellness visit. I wonder if I could scan my badge for that?

Will holla!

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