Thursday, April 2, 2015


I've been watching the cross at FUMC all week draped in purple and dreading the black that will follow tomorrow. It's a tradition that never fails to remind me what a perfect person Jesus was because he went through all that so we could be forgiven even after being turned on time and time again. Most of us who are thoughtful Christians can identify with the doubters and whatnot but betrayal is hard to get past. Yet we do it every day in the way that we treat the others in our world be it family or friends or sawmill workers. We pass judgement and do mean things and more or less just ignore the gospel because we're on an ego trip. Note to self: In the end, it won't matter worth a flip. Not the cars or the houses or the nice clothes or any of that. What will matter is how you made people feel, especially the least of these.

Whatever this stuff is on my skin is getting worse and I can't get to the doc 'til Monday because of the "holiday weekend." More than likely I'll end up at an urgent care on Good Friday like the rest of the world unless I can talk some of my work peeps into helping a girl out which is NOT likely. I took Mom home from hair today and grabbed a Carney's pimento cheese sammich on the way out along with some little Reeces cups. She handed me chips in a ziploc bag like the whole thing was a picnic. I got there just in time as Glenda was spraying that do into place and all the other ladies looked on. She's getting around pretty good and told me that she and Daddy are just "gettin' old". Indeed honey, aren't we all.

We have about three weeks to move some puppies on out to the universe and there are ten of them so we shall see. I brought one in for some snuggle time yesterday and he was pretty happy to be held and not in that bunch of siblings screaming for attention. I named him Chester because he looks like his daddy. It's TBT also so I need to get on a search for a childhood Easter picture.


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