Saturday, April 18, 2015

the countdown

The puppy count now stands at 8 with an offer for a complete rescue next weekend of whomever is left. I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch someone get picked by their pet. John and Beth arrived yesterday and we hugged and chatted about church and stuff. He moved over to the side of the house to check out the view and Jet followed him. It was ON like donkey kong! Speaking of views, the to die for house now has new windows and trim and a bathroom and TILE! What I would give to live in that place. It sits right on top of a bluff and has quite a few reptiles so that would be the only drawback. There are guys in my yard planting oak trees in preparation for corporate's visit. We have hauled off the dump worthy stuff and the garbage will go next.

My biopsy was benign, thank goodness. I just knew I was being eaten alive by some terrible awful fungus but it's some run of the mill skin ailment that I've just developed. Slowly but surely my body is healing from the past few years of stress and worry. I try not to dwell on the trials and focus, instead, on the blessings that have come from that time in the desert. And I know in my heart that it will come again with different challenges.

My youngest brother is also scheduled to visit next week so it will be a busy one on the farm. It is also National Medical Laboratory week which honors all of us who work in the lab and give your doctor test results so you can be treated properly. We are "almost" nurses, you know.

Peace out and keep the faith ^j^

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