Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the feed

I was all torn up because nobody is reading the blog until I noticed that the privacy settings on my FB page were wonky so then I felt a little better about the whole deal. My bad, as they say. I don't know enough to be tinkering with any of it but somehow I managed to make the audience consist of a group of about ummm..maybe 20 people that I was a group of? Lawd. Not that it matters mind you, what with all the huge crises going on right now like the second coming in response to Obama's Iran deal. Yes Michelle B...that means you. Go.Away.Now.

So, now that I'm in the FB world again I'm on a mission to find puppy homes and sell some of the shitstuff that I don't use, mostly collectibles. Etsy should help with that. I actually got a call from a lady who is on vacation in Florida about a puppy and I picked the white faced favorite for her husband's shop dog. And they live in Weakley County!! It's a small world. Ryan came out to do the yard late yesterday because as we all know "corporate" is coming and that's an expense I wasn't expecting but hey. It had to be done! I'm feeling better today but still kind of wonky probably because I've been out of thyroid pills for a week. They're only four bucks on the cheap list but it's getting a practitioner to actually follow up without a 40 dolla' co-pay that is the problem.

The asparagus is kind of not real great yet because it's not been very warm plus I have failed to fertilize and otherwise baby the bed and it needs to be divided. That will happen, in all my spare time. My youngest brother is coming for a visit next week and I'm excited just to see his face and hug his neck. He lives in the Blue Ridge mountains which seems like the other side of the world most days. Bubba is a constant in my life and for that I am grateful.

I'm a thinker, often too much of the time. One of the cool things about having an analytical mind with a spiritual side is that you can see when Big Ernie is trying to get your attention through some previously unseen thread. I won't go on about that but will say this...I believe in miracles and I'm ready for one.

Y'all all need a puppy, I'm just saying. Leave a message at the beep.

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