Monday, April 27, 2015

parental medical transport

My friend Pax the recently retired social worker in Joisey' refers to his weekly runs with mom and dad for whatever appointment is on the table plus a stop at the liquor grocery store. They are an Italian clan in heritage and the food sounds pretty damn awesome. He makes a low carb pizza that I could surely get into if I ever settle down enough to cook. I mean geeeez! Puppies? Gone to happy places. Grands? Got new doctor. Brothers? Love them both dearly and equally. BG? Making her own way. The guy who saw my parents today is one with whom I have worked before. Actually he did a high level office visit type of thing with me as their person who has all answers condensed into 30 minutes. Daddy was a mess and Mom looked cute. She told the doctor ten times he had gotten taller. My friend works there and we chatted about her daughter's upcoming surgery. Girl needed a hug, and so did I. Adding to all that karma, the nurse knows all of us from church. If I ever doubted the power of love, these past few weeks have shown me that people really ARE good.

I got to spend chunks of time with my baby brother and soulmate over the weekend and amazingly he can still make me giggle with his voice impressions and unique insights on life. He can do Dave Letterman and that bible thumping guy who used to be on local radio. Horace maybe??? No wait, that was Horace Beasley who had the barn where the brain fry was held. Yep. I'm rambling and I deserve it by golly. By now he's off the radar and headed north. Speaking of which, corporate arrives tomorrow and I still have a pile of junk in the yard but too wet to burn. It will have to do. One of our new jobs is going down on Mon/Tues to move the garbage cans from the back of the house to the pickup point across the road. Which is exactly how the old man smacked his face on the gravel.

The to-die-for house is still to die for and not quite finished but gettin' there. I love watching the shadows play through that forest to the hardwood floors. All of the windows open and the paint is new. Snakes are a problem but then dogs have a way of keeping them at bay, them and the yard team. Our dryer is dead as a doornail and that's not a good thing the way we stockpile dirty stuff. I did manage to find a clean uniform today and there's probably one more. After that I'll have to fork out cash for a repair. I can't help it..I blame GE for a large part of my poverty.

That being said, where there's a will there's a way and I'm pretty much making a bead on this particular thread. It involves nothing more than faith that what is good and perfect and true is present in every situation and we must gravitate toward the light instead of cowering in fear. Voices will be heard. Change will happen.

It has always been thus and so.

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