Sunday, April 26, 2015

church day

Daddy is still falling and stuff so it's back to the doctor and diagnostic center soon to find out if there's something going on besides too much bi-polar medicine. OCD is a hallmark of fronto-temporal dementia and it's a hard disease to keep a handle on in the elderly. If there's one thing I've learned from tending elders in hospital settings it's "no ativan". period. That's when they start climbing the curtains and trying to settle all of life's miseries with the hospital staff. Unfortunately it is freely used to sedate unruly patients because it's cheap and effective.

There are so many multi-system issues that affect the elderly because they are weak and their immune systems don't always rally. I have found that even at the age of (almost) 60 I can't fight things off like when I was younger. Some of that is GMO induced, I have no doubt. I blame a lot of that on the constant presence of chemicals in my airspace. A two dollar air filter can only do so much. And also consider this. The crops that are being sprayed and cultivated all around me are headed to market to make your food. Cancer? You bet your sweet ass. Plus a whole lot more.

I'm so excited that Bernie is rumored to be running for POTUS that I can hardly sleep. Now I know he doesn't have much of a chance against YOU KNOW WHO but he's a contender and the only one I've seen outside of EW. They need to keep the list short and interesting unlike the GOP cast of characters that are posing for church and the MSM. Church and state. Separate. Constitution. Any questions?

I miss the puppies but I'm telling you that is just one big happy hugfest in my book. As we all know, you can't make this shit up and that story is ethereal. Beginning with Faith and her journey from the crackhead's house over to Rhonda's with Big Mama there have been life stories woven in her bloodline. She was Gumbler and Lauren's baby and we reunited as a family when she died which was the night I almost went to jail over some smartass county cop playing Big Ike on the lane. Nobody would work for me so I could carry on with business except for one sweet soul who swapped days off. It was the same story when Ryder died but I understand because everybody is pretty much tapped out. She got buried and all of her 10 puppies will have nice homes, perhaps even in New England where they have money for treats.

My brothers, daughter and I have enjoyed spending time together as a family these past few days. It's not Norman Rockwell, though if Mama had her way it would certainly be. Instead it's listening to yadayada and putting out fires. And that? is what families who love each other do.


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