Monday, April 20, 2015

robbing peter to feed puppies

After this weekend's on call with the grands drama we were too worn out to do much except go to bed and make a grocery list which I scooped up bright and early this morning. Included in that list is a 50 pound bag of dog food which lasted a week and a half after the babies were weaned. Of course they get help from our three but they eat twice a day and are growing like crazy. SammyD has decided that they're the devil and he barks and raises hell every time somebody comes to puppy shop. This is why we can't have nice things. There is one little girl left and six rowdy boys, one of which looks just like his daddy Chester. I've already named him Junior for the time being.

I found out yesterday that there was a third fall during the night on Saturday during which my invalid mother went up the steps to help Daddy get off the floor again. Now these are not your real STURDY steps by any means and there's an old cypress rail that runs all the way up and falls if you touch it. Last night he was busy hammering it back into place. *sigh* We are moving on to Plan B quickly which means no more stairs for either of them and a new bed for him plus pre-packaged meds. Hey...I have a day job, you know.

That day job has served me well for a lot of years and I've made decent money. Not great, mind you. Just decent..enough to pay the bills (sometimes) and afford dog food. The cost of living has jumped so much since 08 that fuel is a real killer for this old house. It is loose and on top of a hill facing northwest thus taking the brunt of weather patterns. Essentially I am heating and cooling three floors and I only live on one..and there's mold.

A guy offered to help me get the 50 lb bag in my trunk just about the time I flipped it in. He had an Australian shepherd barking to high heaven from the seat of his truck. Last week was volunteer week and the first time that the Gerladine H Reaves volunteer award wasn't presented. Nobody there much remembers her and finally my Aunt Kathy got one so the circle is complete. The volunteer awards have been received by every member of my parents' families and that says volumes about who we are.

I miss MFR and the peace that comes with zoning out for an hour while Gay does her thing. I think it's probably psoas time again.

Over and out from puppyland ^j^

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