Friday, April 10, 2015

puppy breath

Wheels are in motion already to get the babies adopted out. They're cute and the story of their orphanhood makes it even more appealing to take them in. Chester's daddy has stayed closely in touch and is networking all over West TN to get them claimed. So far they're fat and sassy. I brought the little white face one in for some one on one time last night and he reminded me he's just a baby by peeing on me. I was assured by the vet's office that large breed dogs like them can be safely weaned at 4-5 weeks. WE had a huge thunderstorm last night but the dogwood branches are still standing on Ryder's grave in the pines. My pack will make sure no predators get anywhere near their little nest under the porch. The flower bed is their feeding and exercise area.

I was so exhausted I passed out at 5PM yesterday and didn't move until the sun came up today. I'm off and had errands to run so headed out to get them out of the way so I can piddle. TV went away a couple of days ago and we bit the bullet and paid their minimum because it's honestly all the entertainment we have! I did an extension with the electric department today so that's put off until next paycheck. Slowly but surely we're pulling out of it, but fT hours are still not in the gentral' plan for BG. UNLESS she agrees to do 60 hours a week and manage for MW. Not.Worth.It.

The yard just now needs a good mowing to get the weeds under control and my guy has been in touch for the season. I can't believe I managed to keep this whole place mowed by myself for twenty four years. No wonder my body's worn out. One or two years it was all by push, but of course I was fortyish at the time. Twenty years makes a lot of difference in stamina even for a determined bitch like me.

Mama was so funny when I told her about the accident and she said "Oh no! Is that the one you sleep with???" I said "Mom, I sleep with ALL of them." This is a woman who has never had an inside pet ever. Sam was supposed to be theirs and they gave him back after two nights because it was like having a "stranger" in the house.

Other than that? I got nothing. Y'all keep the faith.

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