Monday, November 25, 2013

we know what a miracle you are

Last year we had so many pecan poachers that my brother made an executive decision to ask for law enforcement patrols on the lane with instructions to call them if there's somebody that doesn't look right. Ahem...well. BubbaWayne and his tribe (think duck dynasty)showed up today to pick up on the halves for my Bubba. It only took the three of them about an hour to scour my yard and the road. Meanwhile, special needs mama down the road called the law (for once, not on them) when she saw them. With two cars in my driveway indicating that yes indeed we are home, I would have said "Hmm..must know them." Nada. When the patrol car pulled in the driveway I went out to give official permission and he told me they'd gotten several calls over the past two weeks. I guess that explains why there's nothing much left on the lane except the wild ones. There are several younger trees planted by my daddy that are just beginning to produce. In their yard are two huge trees and that's my honey hole. If it wasn't sleeting right now I'd be on the ground with gloves. Maybe this weekend.

While I was visiting mama and daddy Ms Faye told me a story about her son-in-law and his miraculous survival from a heart attack at work. He had been having chest pains and was at work across the Mighty Mississippi when the big one happened. They took him to the closest ER only to be turned away for some reason or another so they went ahead to the one with a cardiology interventionist. Faye and her daughter had driven in separate cars with family members after she asked the preacher (they were at church) to have special prayer with a cloth that she took to her son-in-law's bedside to prove what a miracle he is. As it turns out, he ended up Memphis at my alma mater, Methodist Healthcare, where a surgeon and OR team were waiting to put in two stents and repair a broken vessel. Miracle? It's the power of prayer.

I keep up with posts from Michael Yon and today's was particularly special because it was about a child trying to understand how and why he was shot in Syria. They are the children of war who won't be going to Wallyhell on Black Friday for cheap microwaves. Instead, they will be covering their ears so they can't hear the violence that surrounds them daily. I am sick to death of both parties spouting what their benefactors spoon feed them. I began my political career as a teenager for Lamar Alexander not really knowing what being a Republican was about. I've always been a bit to the left but moreso now because I'm honestly scared of what's happening in Washington. If the facebook contract killer isn't put promptly in jail for threatening Obama nobody will ever learn that freedom of speech and right to bear arms are luxuries not to be used to hate on others. Just sayin.

I believe ^j^

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