Tuesday, November 19, 2013

things i screwed up

One of my literary heroes is a woman named The Bloggess who gets to write like I wish I could if people would just have a sense of humor and not all act like your mother or drunk uncle. We discussed Thanksgiving plans today and talked about the disadvantages of beer and turkey together. Not so for distilled spirits! My ex husband and his buddies would go through cases of beer at a turkey frying in their day and one time Eddie's grandmother in law remarked that she had never seen a woman (meaning me) drink like a man..like out of a can and not disguised in something. With me, it is what it is. I remember talking to Ms Olive about having fun as an elder and she lectured me on smoking enough that I took notice. Today's visit to the FNP was productive in that I have a radiology order for the achy hip. All my blood stuff is good and the BP goes up and down according to whether or not I remember the pill. There are so many!

It's cold again but thank you sweet baby jeebus for not letting us have a tornado this time around. In cold months they are scary as crap. The last of the orange and yellow is fading into brown and dropping off in the sunset rays as I type and look out the window. I'm tempted to buy that boy a blue bicycle just because that's what Santa would do, or my mama. She sure does love surprises like that. At one point in time there was a fair amount of money floating around following my grandfather's early death. I was only 3 but still remember the sad moments in that house on College hill when he died at age 45 of heart disease. That was before EKG/stress/cath/activase days so most everybody died. When surgical intervention in the form of cardiac by-pass and clot busting first responder drugs didn't exist.

BG is busy in the kitchen whipping up some groceries and that's good because she's not working at the moment so she can take the time to give it the finishing touches and keep laundry current. We go through a lot of covers for the privilege of sleeping with dogs! I'm telling ya'll for real: When I'm old and about to die, please bring a dog to lay with me 'til it's over. On a lighter note, it looks like Obama's Katrina is just another example of what fierce partisan political moves can do to a formerly hard working and proud America. How sad for all of us.

I splurged and bought a seven dollar movie at the drug store today because I've only seen it about 50 times and I might forget some of the plot. Bridesmaids is what we watched for the time between lapse of service with evil sat company and return of equipment. Since then we've been through two more TVs and assorted DVD players. The last one came from China the dollar store and that's not in the least intended as a racist remark. It just is what it is.

It is a wonderful feeling to finally admit that you have warts and people love you in spite of them. Nobody is perfect except for God who knows every hair on your head and sees what you do. That's what just slays me....the way people think that who they really are will never be found out. Somebody didn't read about Big Brother.

Food for thought: Pride's buddy Becca is outside feeding and grooming him. She absolutely freakin' LOVES that ornery old horse and I love it. He'll go face to face with her much more easily than with me. Then again I usually have a pack of barking dogs on my ass.

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