Friday, November 1, 2013

karma's gonna get you

Once upon a time in a land years ago, I became an unwitting player in a Nigerian conman type scam. It involved packages brought to my door and a UPS shipping label to NIGERIA. I'm sure they were all excited and laughed as they reeled me in. About the third day I got scared and called the law and then Nigeria threatened me with an operator assisted call at work. I paid for the return of all the items, even though HS told me I didn't have to. At that time my friend Count Zubrovka promised me good karma down the road for doing the right thing. I've always believed this but until I started receiving anonymous gifts from BF a couple of years ago it wasn't real. The mailman knows the story now and always leaves treats for the dogs when he comes by. That, my friends, is a miracle. Count Z has since then given me not only a badass camera but a freakin' CAR! Fo FREEEE.We grew up together since my grandma lived next door. Mama said Miss Cissy would dose the count up with paregoric as a baby because she didn't know what to do. He's grown up just fine honey!! Thanks to Z and his wife for an enduring friendship that I feel sure will go to the grave with me. I haven't driven the car yet because it needs registration and whatnot. That will have to wait until payday next week. We've been carpooling for about six months now and it will be a welcome change to have my own ride. I'm ready for a sale booth so I can get down to bare cleanable floors, for the holidays you know. This entire year I've been thinking that I'm working Christmas and New Year's day and I'm not. There's some more good karma ;)

As for you dear BF, you have given me a reason to believe in miracles and happy endings no matter how tough things get. You are an angel.


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