Friday, November 22, 2013

live strong

One of the craziest things I've ever heard of is that Lance Armstrong got stripped of all his medals and stuff when he did what he did to compete and then had a bout with prostate cancer. Everybody wants a who can go farther and kick ass better than the average guy. Competition breeds addiction to being #1. Great coaches will put together a team of players who know the rules, play fair and are loyal to their teammates. It's the only way to win unless you're a rich professional politicians making a living off of lobbyists. Both parties do it and it's becoming quite a transparent process what with the interwebs made easily available. I feel oddly excited about what I'm seeing right now. Nothing would tickle my fancy more than voting for an independent candidate who files his or her financials up front.

This is what I've learned about Wall Street speculation during the past 20 50 years. The great depression was caused by a run on banks and that happened again in the eighties and again the next time people believed that corporate America gives a shit about who you are and what you need. They do not, by the way. Most of their headquarters are some place far away where an asshat who doesn't know you from Adam makes decisions that affect your life at every level. A large part of me is expecting a burning bush at any time if not an ark. The asparagus is yellow but wet, and it shall be cut whenever my back recovers from today the past few months. Whiskey for my horses and all that.

Ya'll have a glorious weekend before Thanksgiving and try not to run out to Wallyhell at all next week but especially on Friday. That just feeds the Koch brothers and the Waltons. It takes a village and a very loud voice to change things. Keep the faith on that^j^

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