Sunday, November 10, 2013

hibernation as sport

The sciatica that has plagued my right side for weeks is not improving, even with meds. I'm very careful about posture now and spend a whole lot of time stretched out on the bed just vegetating. Thus I was in bed when the sun set yesterday and up when it rose this morning. The light is glorious, filtering through the colored leaves as shadow play. I rarely take pictures in morning light and that's a shame because the clarity is awesome. Two nights of 11 hours helps Poopie to keep going. My cousin called late and was alarmed when I said I'd been in bed since five. "What's wrong??!" Just tired, that's all.

There is time to kill between now and eggs+doughnuts and I intend to not waste a minute of it. Yesterday I wandered from room to room, stopping now and then to watch a movie or move clothes from washer to dryer. The dogs napped, the leaves fell and all was right with the world for just one day away from reality. When I heard about the biggest typhoon ever wiping out the Phillipines it just made me want to crawl back under the covers. Okay, now see? I began to watch weather patterns closely after that first big tsunami in Indonesia and have a healthy respect for the wrath of mother nature. What bothers me, though, is the fact that a lot of it is man made and the result of not being good stewards of the earth. It's a gift ya'll. Treat it as if! Please don't quote the stats to me about local weather phenoms when it's obvious that global warming is real.

Monday is Veteran's day and I'm full of respect and admiration for those who have served our country over the decades. My heart truly goes out to Iraq and Afghanistan vets because our government is not treating them very well in light of their horrendous terms of duty. I won't say that's purely a GOP thing, but you can bet your sweet ass the ones who got subsidies from the farm bill won't miss a meal. Just saying. In the style of true social workers, we borrowed a card have experimented with what can be bought with a monthly EBT allowance of $189 for one person. If you go easy on the junk food, it can last maybe three weeks, but after that it's mustard and ketchup in the 'frig. And that was before the cut.

Today is, as mama says, the Lord's day although she doesn't always rejoice and be glad in it because it involves getting up WAY early for church. She would much rather spend that precious two hours at home alone but daddy insists that he take every step he does....until he gets ready to do his own thing. Then he gets mad because she can't keep up with his frantic pace. I have seen him literally push her walker through a door and let it stop in her face! No patience. Nada.

That being said, I'm feeling pretty blessed these days thanks to Big Ernie and good friends and karma. I'm hearing gunshots as I type so I hope somebody's hunting and it's not the crazy neighbors having target practice. Dude likes to go down in the slough where the sound is bigger. O.M.G.

Bloom where you are planted~anonymous~

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