Thursday, November 7, 2013

baby giggles

Having Booger around has been very different because the quiet is pierced now and then by the happiest sound alive which the pure unadulterated giggly joy of a 7 month old with two teeth. In a walker, playing with his TTW and eating. They nap together too and she rocks him to sleep while he holds the bottle. I don't believe she could love a kid more if she gave birth to it herself! We will be a special presence in his life because his grandma is dead and the rest of the family is scattered. This will be his Icangetawaywithanything hideaway.

The weather is picture perfect November with bright leaves and a nip to the air. Still propane-less, I'm pondering a venture to pull all the autumn clematis off the tank so propane guy won't have to do it (if) and when we can afford a delivery. This man let my debt ride for three solid years without anything more drastic than a handwritten note and a phone call now and them with my ASSURANCE that he would eventually get paid. And he did..well, all but 100 bucks of it which fits into the budget nicely. It usually doesn't get really cold until late December around here so the oil heaters will work nicely for the moment. With four dogs, there's always plenty of body heat. My last boyfriend thought I was the crazy dog lady, and lately I've decided that I probably am.

New York's new mayor looks like he probably doesn't know what he's in for considering the state of our infrastructure and economy but he wanted it so hey...go for it. I feel sure he'll look at more important things than stomping out obesity by banning large sodas. What a freakin' nazi man! I'm watching Rand Paul closely because I believe that he's a serious contender for prez and that scares the shit out of me. This man has done no good for the state of Kentucky and in fact took away the state sponsored healthcare that could have brought the voters out of the tobacco fields, at the very least. Tennessee is quite similar with the TennCare rolls that were created by Phil Bredesen have been reduced to "living on the streets" to qualify. That's just wrong. There was a lot of abuse at first and I understand that it was largely at the hands of the Ford family of West Tennessee. There's a whole tribe of them and most of the guys plus at least one auntie are players. The pharmacy and daycare pieces of that legislation got raped during the first years.

Pap smears are a regular part of my twice yearly routine now thanks to HPV and the changes it has made in my cervix. It's been going on for years moving from every 3 months back to six and I never expect it to be any different because after two procedures I had only one normal smear. I was asking our pathologists to read them just to save money!! The eventual course is toward cervical cancer but it is a slow moving type deal so that unless it's worse, it's pap smear as usual in six. Otherwise, it's onto plan B which is probably another LEAP. Oh joy!

I remember when my boss at the time told us that one day there would just be a few HUGE labs where everybody sends their stuff and by golly he was right. There are two major players in the diagnostic field and they process millions of specimens a year. Don't tell me they're 100% all the time because that's not possible unless you're Jesus which I certainly don't pretend to be. I'm more like one of the crazy disciples that bursts out into song along the road.


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