Friday, November 29, 2013

live from the lane

I've already made my (hopefully) one trip out into the hysteria that is black friday to pick up some necessities like toilet paper and burlap bags for pecans. TWO freakin' fifty each, mind you. Oh, but they'll buy them back when you return with them full of nuts. Okay, then. I'm good with that. I saw the owner out having a cig in the courtyard when I pulled up. In the summer it's like a little piece of paradise out there. Right now? Not so much.

I'm lifting some folks up today including Count Z and my dear friends in Nashvegas because they are dealing with some very serious health issues. I've seen the medical helicopter go over twice today so I'm hoping nobody got mangled at wallyworld. I am steadfastly boycotting their business until "made in the USA" is more visible on the shelves. Same for all the other retailers who use slave labor to support their corporate bosses.

Speaking of politics (you knew it was coming, right) Tennessee now has a NORML chapter to help introduce the idea of legalization and or medical use without jail time for possession of said hemp based products. One of the biggest impediments to moving forward with this idea is that a whole BOATLOAD of court systems, police departments, etc. have a financial stake in prohibition in the form of fines and seizures. Of course there's also that gangsta' type mentality that is against it because it cuts into their dime bag fortunes. For the life of me as much as lawmakers want to regulate things why our state legislators don't jump on this. Big tax breaks for agriculture, as you and Monsanto know very well. It probably won't happen in my lifetime, but you never know. When I first heard of Ethan Nadelman and the Drug Policy Alliance ten years ago I never thought I'd see ANY state legalize. Good on you sir!

My brother posted a picture of me holding his little two year old hand on the road in front of our home...gravel road, fence and all. One summer I was bored and wanted to earn some money so I started painting the fence. And as usual, I never finished it!! I don't remember when it was torn down and replaced with pine trees. Funny the little things we remember just by jogging things a bit with pictures and thoughts. He and I have always been like super close because we're both rather "ethereal" in a cosmos related sort of way. We've done therapy at the same time and spent hours on the phone talking about challenges and moving on. He has been my neighbor two different times and it's pretty cool having him in the hood since I'm a single gal. Now the special needs bunch comes to ME for stuff. Yikes.Like they said on Hill Street Blues: "Be careful out there." Don't let some bitch in spandex on crack steal your bargain crock pot!


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