Wednesday, November 13, 2013

on being an advocate and thanksgiving plans

I had the distinctly solemn duty of witnessing a legal document signed by my friend with me as a witness. She's very sick and all she wanted at the time was to make sure everything was kosher for her surviving adult child. Since then, she has turned the corner and is improving so thankfully that's one detail he won't have to worry about later. The attorney was an old friend who has always been a crush since i first met him my divorce (#1) By the time I got to 2 I was too tired to even think about using energy for that kind of relationship. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and most of them involve giving my power to somebody else. I won't say that it will never happen again, but I'm pretty much enjoying "it is what it is." Less drama.

In the Phillipines it is horrendous and the lack of organization for relief in the area is pathetic. Evidently their government doesn't have a regular seminar on what happens when the shit hits the fan. The sat images that I saw look sickeningly like NJ and NY following Sandy. All the major news folks are talking about how the Dems are outdone with Obama and I can understand that position plus support it. It ain't rocket science and it's tax dollars paying for it so, get ya'lls shit together. Do not bail out big banks owned by filthy rich people and corporations. Take care of your homies. Like the next president always said "It takes a village."

My brother and I are both working on Thanksgiving so we're making plans to do plates=to=go all around when I get off. Mary Lou will be open selling to the public and I noticed that my home church is serving that day as well. I will be off for Christmas so we will cook breakfast and enjoy each others' company as long as we don't go past daddy's scheduled window. It can be tricky, but we keep the faith. Here's a big shoutout to my friend and previous co=worker Tommy who trained as a nurse and is now the patient. This too shall pass, brother. With faith, all things are possible.

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