Thursday, November 28, 2013

gratitude and grace

All things considered, Thanksgiving day went fairly well including work and a brief takeout meal with the grands before my brother and I had to get back at it. Thank you Mary Lou Parker!! Muahh. BG and her dad also went to her place and she met Mr. Ralph who did several pieces of art of places in our family. How cool is that? She's elbow deep in dressing for yet another meal at Booger's crib. I'm taking a rain check until the crowd thins :) I'm telling ya'll, they're a tribe to be reckoned with and Shannah leads them always forward. Jordan has made a difference in more than one or two lives. Our family has grown during the past year in ways that I never thought possible. God has smiled on us, most definitely.

Work wasn't bad so I had time to give my dear friend a goodbye hug before he leaves ER to move into another position in Nashville with a lot of potential for advancement. I first met him when he was a health occupations student from the local high school who did a rotation with us when I was a young'un too. We hired him and he went on to find job after job in the field of laboratory testing. Following the death of his life partner, he returned to west TN to regroup and came once again into our fold. His extensive knowledge of not only specimen requirements but ordering patterns made him quite valuable. I'll miss you Mickey Allen Cole. Holla'

Have I mentioned how freaking awesome it is to be halfass warm and able to cook. Honey, I did the happy dance when those burners fired up! I'm losing track of days now, occasionally not really knowing if it's Saturday or Christmas. Anywho, as long as I set my alarm early, it's all good. And I do know that it's Thursday and Thanksgiving before you call a mental health professional. One of the things that I've learned about healing is that until a hurt has been verbalized and grieved it will never go away. Now granted, some people go through their entire lives as victims of some sort or another and those you just have to avoid. To grow and learn spiritually, we have to let down our guard and leave room for the spirit to work.


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