Monday, November 18, 2013

golden shadows

I'm not lying kids, that is exactly what is laying heavy over sunset at the top of our lane. Yesterday's high winds and rain are history and it's back to business as usual. I haven't started stooping and picking yet because I'm waiting for the wind to blow some of those leaves away, so there. The crazy neighbors are hot on their end of the road with buckets and whatnot. There are two boys and one of them just drove by on his older sister's pink bike. I don't ask....afraid of the answers sometimes. Every time the dad enters my yard, the law is called. I don't play.

It was a typical Monday that came way too early and went like they usually do...filled with stupid people and annoyances. My friend got to go home to her own bed today and that's a miracle in and of itself. We've seen quite a few lately if I say so myself! It's really odd looking around here with all the extra furniture gone and neat piles of stuff too good to pitch. I bit the bullet and dug in today on budgeting more wisely and being able to afford propane. When Poopie don't cook, she ain't happy.

Sometimes I think that I'm all alone in this adult child still dependent thing but then I look around at others who are taking in not only their kids but their grandkids and I feel strangely blessed that it's not something I've had to deal with yet. The bottom line is the babies can't help it and they need hugs. That's why Booger is so special because he's got not only a loving biological family but an extended one that has known him since he was in the womb, literally. I remember going to see him and his mama which I felt was something we all needed because her own mother had recently died. Since then, I've fallen head over heels in love with the kid! What a first birthday party that will be. If we have gas, I'll even make the cake.

Speaking of cakes, I'm thinking the first one baked post-fill will be a quadruple chocolate pound cake with chocolate candy icing. Devil's food cake, chocolate pudding, you name it and it's pure heaven. Sour cream AND oil! After that I need a cheese biscuit fix. Once again, there's only so much one can do with a crock pot and microwave.

The most interesting thing I saw today was a video of the damage in the Phillipines taken via drone. That's what they need to be used for dude..not killing people! I'm very disappointed in the Dems on that one but haven't turned yet. Well, maybe soon I'll be a libertarian who doesn't like Rand Paul. We shall see.

Over and out. Peace and love ^j^

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