Thursday, November 21, 2013

80 is the new 60

Yesterday was my mama's birthday and I was working so we took her to Joe's downtown where the aroma of Yankee candles hangs in the air. The food and service are wonderful and there are beautiful pieces of art on every wall and nook. It's what I would have wanted for my own kind of place if I had been given the opportunity. Fortunately for the propane guy, I have a day job that pays fairly well. For a woman. In the South. While that shouldn't matter in the least, it's definitely something for women in the workforce to consider. One of the greatest things about all this scary end of times talk is that we're learning to barter again rather than pay out the ass so some can enjoy a rich lifestyle.

We've barely driven the Cadi in two weeks so yesterday BG went for a spin and it eneded up in our friend's shop overnight. He got us back on the road in no time so it's street legal with registration on the grands after the birthday lunch. She had ice cream AND a to-die-for chocolate chip cookie. At that particular moment, I said thanks to Big Ernie for the pleasure of keeping company with the two women who are the sandwich with Poops right in the middle.

One of the areas that interests me in healthcare now is advocacy for patients. So many people know absolutely nothing about the human body, or not enough to realize that the lifestyle they lead contributes to their illnesses. Excesses of any kind can turn into a full blown addiction. That's why there's anonymous groups for just about every one of 'em! I've been told that the oldtimers in AA don't like NA and all the others because their addiction is socially acceptable and the other A's are not. Whatever people. My favorite movie scene is of Jill Clayburgh in Bridesmaids pretending to be an alcoholic so she could pick up men after meetings.

Mr Gerald lives all the way at the end of our road by the river and he just stopped by to pick up some pecans for pies. The word must have gotten out that I have a gun am keenly aware of movement out there because he asked permission. I was like "really?" This guy grew up in our little community and is one of the few elders left along with my parents and Mozella. I remember when Miss Willa was alive somebody would bring her riding out this way almost every day. That was back when I had the time and energy to do yard work. Now I'm letting it naturally mulch itself. When the leaves blow off the pecans, I'll commence to picking.

In many ways it seems like a blink of an eye since Thanksgiving of '12 which we cooked in mom's kitchen and was a lot of work. Plus, we got all over daddy's nerves. I would love nothing better than to have a nice roasted turkey to carve. And you know what? I hope nobody has trouble getting into WalMart. The ones who will go through that kind of frenzy to save a buck are beyond my scope of imagination. I'm more of a cyber Monday kinda gal.

Peace and love~

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