Saturday, November 16, 2013

oh happy day!

We're still fakin' it 'til we make it here on the hill watching Booger sleep and trying to clean some of the mess that is our home. All but one quilt in the house was dirty on my floor so I slept with a sheet and a baby quilt last night! Well, plus some dogs for warmth. "The baby" as we call him woke up at 5AM so he's down for a nap again following breakfast and play. We pretty much tag team with him so that he's never alone. Now that he's mobile, that's a necessity. Seems like just a week or so ago he was learning to crawl and now he's off in a flash!

I'm sitting here in my "life is good" shirt from BF and trying to let things go one more time. No matter how I try to believe that good things are coming(really,I do) I still fall back into that same old pattern of worry and fret. Not over little things, mind you. During hard times is when you find out who your true friends are and I have many. Seems like each catastrophe that hits brings another one out of the woodwork to comfort me. There are prayers swirling daily as I go about my life tending to business and seeking laughter to go along with the tears. Glass half full? Most of the time.

Sometimes, you know too much about something to be really unbiased and I've found that I'm that way sometimes when people that I love are sick and I try to "fix them." Not my job in real life, you know? You gotta' wanna to accomplish anything and the will to live is there in abundance for those who have vision for a better tomorrow. Right now, I think and pray often for all those poor Filipinos who are living a nightmare. It reminds me of Katrina in many ways.

My high school biochemistry teacher also taught history and was one of the first conspiracy theorists around concerning the JFK assassination. I remember watching the Zapruder film on an ancient projector in his apartment as a student. This was powerful stuff for one who witnessed his death as a child. Wally is still going strong and did a community presentation this past week on the subject at our local library. Some things just don't go away even if you cover 'em up!

One of my boyfriends was even more into the conspiracy stuff believing and convincing me to a point that 9/11 was in part masterminded by the government. Why else would something that ridiculous happen when we're the "safest and strongest" around. Well, except for the fact that jihadists hate us with a passion for our fat and sassy lifestyle. If they only knew how many Americans are struggling to make it while the rich squander and rip folks off even more. I haven't been to a WalMart in about five years and don't plan to ever go back until they treat their folks better. I don't care how cheap it is, I'll go somewhere else. Anywhere but Wallyhell.

Everybody's doing the number thing which used to be called a "meme" in early blog days. Give me a number and I'll tell you how much I'm grateful for or little known facts about me. Everybody knows EVERYTHING about me because I put it out there every day for public perusal. Nothing to be ashamed of...just a smartass overaged hippie country gal with a big heart and a serious attitude.


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