Monday, November 11, 2013

busy season

I began to write about visiting with a friend in a hospital bed when I realized that I was sharing PHI on my blog which is totally not cool. Just ask Dooce! So when I realized I'd get canned for that I switched gears and headed to neverland where thoughts swirl like these gorgeous yellow maple leaves. I usually do a Veteran's day post for my dad but I told him yesterday and meant the thanks. He was just a farm boy wet behind the ears when he traveled the country for Air Force service. On a break, he and mama got married on Valentine's day because she's always been about having a theme. Sometimes I wish I had inherited more of that creativity, but then I'm one who will admit when the fatigue is too much to fight. She didn't quit trying until there was no other choice. Even though I have manic moments, my mood is usually pretty stable because I concentrate on making it that way and letting things collide rather than me micromanage them like a freakin' remote controlled plane. Chill sister.

So my friend Drew wrote today of having no friends other than the electronic ones inside a computer and I related to that type of loneliness. And like he said? We have done it to ourselves. What if Lewis and Clark had required an IPad to make that trail? They did it the hard way, without technology to guide them. They relied on their extensive knowledge of nature which was pretty predictable back then (i.e.pre-global warming). It makes me particularly mad to see that the oil producing nations yanking us around like a dog on a chain. My observation is this...due to the economy people don't buy any more petrol than it takes to get to work and go back home to do it all again THUS the price of product goes down. Really! Meanwhile NK has enough synchronized Hitler wannabes' to kill every man woman and child in the southeast which might not be a bad idea. I'm beginning to hope that the stupid gene will just morph on out into the ozone. could happen!


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